Peru Streets


Using street photography to document movement of life in various cities and towns across Peru.

As dawn breaks in a peaceful neighborhood in Juliaca. I catch from the corner of my eye a small figure appear and she's carrying a broom. I've been traveling in Peru for the past month documenting stories of artisans and had just finished filming a 4am exchange of goods in a local market. I am now waiting in a small shipping office to observe these goods make thier way to Lima.

It seems like every moment of every hour something is happening here. There is movement everywhere, in the richest towns and poorest of neighborhoods. Peru as a large and incredibly diverse country never stands still.

The sun began to rise I could finally make out the figure. A weathered old woman begins to sweep the empty steet. Now was the right moment to make a picture and so began my exploration into the movement and mobility of Peru.

A Juliaca shipping office in the early morning where artisans ship their goods across the country.